EcoLoss Project is an independent consultancy and project management office focussing on incident management on shore and on water.
The company was founded in the 90’s with staff originating from Smit International/SmitTak, leading maritime service organization.

The key activities are practical hands-on remediation and consultancy based on day-to-day ongoings and growing experience in the fields of environment and safety.

Crisis management for governmental organizations and private industry as well as clean up/remediation from half-hour jobs to month-long lasting projects, it all does not make us nervous.

Since our opening day we have tackled an average of 2.000 projects a year. We have cleaned up millions of liters of spilled products. We cleaned soil in huge quantities and participated in operations involving industrial fires, marine emergencies and structural problems in buildings. Through the years we have built a respectable network of partners all over the world and we are proud to mention cooperation with global leaders in their field.

We work with a professional, experienced and motivated staff who all put people and their environment in the first place. No incident without direct or indirect human involvement and no problem solved without experienced personnel.

EcoLoss Project has been organized to respond swiftly to environmental emergencies. Near their offices in The Netherlands fully equipped vans are readily available. For emergencies abroad we can immediately put together a fully equipped environmental protection/remediation team as response to a request for assistance anywhere in the world.

In recent years, there has been a continuous number of hazardous material-incidents worldwide.
Prompt, orchestrated and highly effective response to the incident is required.

EcoLoss Project can offer:

  • Contingency planning for safe operations and for emergency response
  • Availability of equipment to respond to incidents
  • Trained and experienced personnel to take care of pollution control and clean up activities, but also for consultancy
  • Courses, seminars and trainings involving hazardous and non hazardous material spills.